Book of Mormon Central Art Competition 2017

The Book of Mormon is a masterpiece with vivid scenes and evocative narratives that bring one closer to God. Book of Mormon Central uses many images on our website and in our videos to portray Book of Mormon ideas, but we always need more. We want to encourage the creation of new Book of Mormon art to illustrate this powerful book, so that more may come to know that it is "Another Testament of Jesus Christ." If you are an artist or know an artist, share this event and consider participating in our art competition for a chance to win and be featured on our website.

This competition is in conjunction with Book of Mormon Day 2017.


  • First Place: $500
  • Second Place: $350
  • Third Place: $200


Depict some aspect of the Book of Mormon in the medium of your choice. The subject matter can be anything related to the Book of Mormon. The piece should be a thoughtful reflection of the artist's perspective on the Book of Mormon. Submissions will be judged on rigorous standards of technical skill, composition, form, and artistic expression.


Anyone and everyone is welcome to submit a work of art to our art contest. We wish this event to be an annual appreciation of all forms of art.

Last Year's Winners

First Place
Other Sheep  by Matt Warren

Second Place
The Finger of God  by Brian Hailes

Third Place
Faith and Works  by Mike Wallace


Submit Your Art Here


Do you know an artist who would be interested in this competition? Share this link with them!

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