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Book of Mormon Central Art Competition 2017

Book of Mormon Central Art Contest 2017

This year's art contest featured artists from all over the world and of all ages, both amateur and professional. It was difficult to go through the hard work of all these artists and select the winning pieces, but we are pleased to announce the winner of this year's Book of Mormon Art Contest.

First Place

The Keystone by Christian Joel Loor Pino

Christian is a freelance illustrator living in Ecuador. This piece interweaves some of the key events and symbols represented in the Book of Mormon. The Salt Lake Temple is featured in the center right, with the angel Moroni posed below. Nephi’s ship bound for the promised land is depicted in the center left, flanked by the Liahona. The entire piece is crowned with a depiction of the First Vision, as the final piece in the Book of Mormon’s narrative, and the beginning of the Restoration. This piece is meant to demonstrate how the Book of Mormon explores varied themes and ideas, yet connects and encapsulates them into one great whole.

Second Place

I Saw Another Angel Fly by Jorge Cocco

Jorge Cocco is both a participant and an educator in the fine arts, having been an art professor at the Universidad de las Américas Puebla in Mexico. The title of this piece comes from Revelation 14:6–7, and depicts the Angel Moroni sounding a horn and bearing the gold plates. Moroni is a pivotal person in the creation, safekeeping, delivery, and translation of the Book of Mormon, and thus became a key element in the development of the Restored Gospel. Jorge Cocco has coined the term sacrocubism to describe many of his paintings that merge the familiarity and sacred nature of religious topics, with the aesthetic of the post-cubist school. While the artist makes the subject explicit, his aesthetic style subconsciously conveys that there are more details yet to be unveiled.

Third Place

Christ Administering the Sacrament in America by Brooke Malia Mann

Brooke Malia Mann is an art teacher for individuals with mental impairments and is also a freelance illustrator. Christ’s visit to the people in the Americas is one of the most powerful scriptural accounts in the whole Book of Mormon. This piece depicts the moment when Christ administers the sacrament to the Nephites. This piece is meant to span all ages, so that even children can relate to and love the scriptures. See more at

Honorable Mention

I Would Ask, Can Ye Feel So Now
Brenna Miller
Nephi's Vision of Christopher Columbus
Jerime Hooley
My Peace I Give Unto You
Ashley Gordon
Bamboo Turntable of Book of Mormon Scenes
Mary Jane Smith
Alma's Bondage: In the Gall of Bitterness
Tiffany Brazell
The Stones of the Brother of Jared
Laci Gibbs
The Tree of Life
Krista Maureen Jones
Keep It Up Mom
Buni Laura Wilson
Donna A. Kearney
King Noah
Fredric Ridenour
Even As You Do Unto Me
Charles Eugene Russell
Do You Not See Them
Jessica Brianne Smith
The Brother of Jared
Marcus Moore
Moroni's Haka
Andrea J. McLaren

Honorable Mention - Youth Division

Christ with Little Boy
Abby Topham
Chloe Spradling

About the Contest

The Book of Mormon is a masterpiece with vivid scenes and evocative narratives that bring one closer to God. Book of Mormon Central uses many images on our website and in our videos to portray Book of Mormon ideas, but we always need more. We want to encourage the creation of new Book of Mormon art to illustrate this powerful book, so that more may come to know that it is "Another Testament of Jesus Christ." If you are an artist or know an artist, share this event and consider participating in our art competition for a chance to win and be featured on our website.

This competition was in conjunction with Book of Mormon Day 2017.

Last Year's Winners

First Place
Other Sheep by Matt Warren

Second Place
The Finger of God by Brian Hailes

Third Place
Faith and Works by Mike Wallace


This art contest submission deadline was Sunday, March 26th, 2017 and is now closed.

If you have art work you'd like to submit, save it for next year's art contest in February 2018.

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