Book of Mormon Central is a non-profit, public charity that helps people all over the world feast on the words of Christ in the Book of Mormon. We are supported by people like you and appreciate all donations, large or small. If you love the Book of Mormon, consider donating to Book of Mormon Central and becoming part of this exciting movement.


Developing Projects That Need Your Help

Interactive Scriptures App

Book of Mormon Central wants to bring the world of the Book of Mormon to your fingertips. In a completely interactive, content-rich mobile app, we want to completely rethink how we study the Book of Mormon. By touching a verse, phrase, or even word in the Book of Mormon text, you can pull up relevant articles, images, videos, maps, and insights to enrich your study. With a page-like feel, you can study the Book of Mormon as if you're reading your hard-copy of the scriptures, to enhance reading comprehension and memory. In this app, you can navigate by chapter, take notes, review textual variants, highlight important passages, and read all the latest scholarship on a given scripture in the Book of Mormon. This comprehensive and large-scale app will require extensive funding, but your donation can help us achieve our goal of changing the study of the Book of Mormon.

International Outreach

Book of Mormon Central has tens of thousands of followers and subscribers on our various social media and internet channels, but our reach outside of English-speaking populations is minimal. We hope to reach the ever-expanding populations of Latter-day Saints in non-English speaking countries. In order to reach the world, we need to translate our vast body of content into various languages and dialects. We have begun translating some material into Portuguese and Spanish, but your donation could help us further our reach. While Spanish and Portuguese make up a large part of non-English speaking Latter-day Saints, there are thousands upon thousands of Latter-day Saints across the globe who are left without uplifting Church and scripture materials because their languages are in the minority and often take a lower priority. Help us reach the world by donating to our International Outreach project.

Influencer's Campaign

While our following is increasing every day, we want the world to know about Book of Mormon Central and all the study resources we have to offer. We are launching an Influencer's Campaign, where we recruit influential members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to share their thoughts on Book of Mormon Central. We recently recorded a testimonial from Steve Young, renowned quarterback on the NFL, who praised Book of Mormon Central for making him feel "like an expert" in the Book of Mormon. This video became highly popular on social media, and we believe that as we search out more influential voices, we can broaden our reach and touch lives with the Book of Mormon.