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Winners Announced for 2019 Book of Mormon Central Art Contest, Father Lehi and Mother Sariah Award

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August 7, 2019
Winning art pieces from the 2019 Book of Mormon Central Art Contest
Winning art pieces from the 2019 Book of Mormon Central Art Contest

The Art Contest has become a beloved tradition at Book of Mormon Central. We have seen it grow each year from its inception in 2016. Artists from all over the world and of all ages, both amateur and professional have submitted to our Art Contest.

We had local artists and museum curators serve as our judges to determine pieces of merit for their technical skill, artistic expression, and relation to the Book of Mormon. Our theme this year was “Illuminate the Book of Mormon.” While many classic scenes have been depicted over and over again, such as the Tree of Life, Abinadi before King Noah, Moroni burying the plates, we recognized that there are dozens of scenes in the Book of Mormon that have been undervalued and underappreciated. We gave participants a list of chapters that we felt could use a little extra love, and we were thrilled with the dozens of artists answering the call to portray these rich Book of Mormon stories in new ways.

It was difficult to go through the hard work of all these artists and select the winning pieces, but we are pleased to announce the winners of this year's Book of Mormon Art Contest.

First Place

The Maidservant of Morianton Tells All

Sheridan Bronson

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oil painting

In Alma 50:30, a female servant flees from the abuse of Morianton, who is on the brink of waging war to wrongfully claim a piece of land in the city of Lehi. The unnamed woman who reveals Morianton's plans to Moroni is only briefly mentioned, but in the verses following her introduction, it's made clear that had she not escaped and "told Moroni all things," the actions of Morianton and his people would have created circumstances that would have "lead to the overthrow of [the Nephites'] liberty."

Of this story Sheridan shares, “I love this woman who escaped from abuse and trusted that if she came to Moroni's camp for help and to give essential information, she would be listened to and cared for. We don't even know her name or anything else about her, but the people of Moroni were saved from a terrible future by her bravery.”

Sheridan is an artist driven by a desire to recognize and share the beautiful things in life with those around her. She adores the hidden, unnoticed, and seemingly small things of the world, from the people who silently shape history to the internal workings and battles raging in every person. Sheridan holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in illustration from Brigham Young University and lives in South Jordan where she teaches piano lessons and creates artwork.

Second Place

Abish and the Queen

Carol Dunford Jackman

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Sculpture 32” tall by 35” wide and 21” deep

Abish and the Queen is taken from Alma 19 in the Book of Mormon. Abish is one of the three named females in the Book of Mormon who is also not found in the bible. She was a Lamanite. Abish was true to the Lord and valiant in her testimony of him. This is the one instance in the scriptures of a woman raising another woman [the Lamanite Queen, the wife of Lamoni].

Carol Dunford Jackman is a Utah native. She has a BA degree from Brigham Young University. Sculpture is her favorite art medium. She states the following, "In my work, I strive to portray the joy and reverence I feel for God’s creations, for life, and for the creative process. All art is created not only through what one observes, but also by their deep spiritual response to it. It is hoped the viewer will be moved in the same way."

Third Place

There you shall meet them, on the East of the River Sidon

Caleb Williams

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Ink and pencil

This piece tries to capture the heroic style of romantic period war scenes, often placing notable figures as the centerpiece. The drawing captures the ruthlessness of war and the overwhelming advance of the Lamanite army, while still portraying the Nephite army as strong and steadfast. It is meant to capture a righteous army of God and its noble attempt to defend freedom and life.

Caleb Williams is currently serving as a full-time missionary in the Japan Tokyo North Mission, from which he will return in August 2019. He has loved art since he was young, and has fused that passion with a love for the scriptures. Upon returning home he will begin studies at Brigham Young University in the fall.

Honorable Mention

In addition to the 3 Art Contest winners, we awarded 17 Honorable Mentions, and 6 Youth Awards. All of these beautiful pieces of art will be featured on Book of Mormon Central's Archive and on the Art Contest event page.

See All Winning Art Pieces

Father Lehi and Mother Sariah Award

This year we are honored to present the lifetime achievement of the Father Lehi and Mother Sariah award to:

Doug and Arlene Christensen

Doug and Arlene Christensen.

Doug Christensen has devoted his life to the Book of Mormon and the children of Lehi. His wife Arlene Christensen has stood by his side, making her own contributions to the gathering of scattered Israel. Doug grew up in Payson, Utah, and considered himself a skeptic. Through his faith journey he has come to have an unshakeable testimony of the Book of Mormon, and has since devoted his life to it. They live in Twin Falls, Idaho. Doug is an avid collector of model trains.

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