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Watch: New Come Follow Me Video with John Hilton III

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July 22, 2020
John Hilton III in Petra.
John Hilton III in Petra.

Would you enjoy studying the scriptures with a teacher who loves Chinese, lived in Jerusalem, earned an advanced degree from Harvard, and performs magic tricks? How about a BYU Religious Education professor who draws crowds at both Education Week and Time Out for Women? What about a husband and father who co-authors books with his wife who is the mother of their 6 children?

Book of Mormon Central is delighted to welcome John Hilton III to our YouTube channel where he will be sharing brief weekly thoughts about scriptural passages relevant to the Church’s inspired Come Follow Me curriculum. He is a unique combination of erudite scholar and fun-loving story teller. Hilton relates well to all age groups with his witty, articulate, profound takes on the scriptures, the Church of Jesus Christ, and our lives as Latter-day Saints.

Hilton grew up in Seattle, served his mission in Colorado, and met his wife, Lani Olsen, at BYU. He is the nephew of Book of Mormon Central co-founder, Lynne Hilton Wilson. A prolific author, some of his recent titles include:

  • The Founder of Our Peace: Christ-Centered Patterns for Easing Worry, Stress, and Fear
  • The Big Picture: 20 Family-Friendly Lessons on God’s Plan for You (with Anthony Sweat)
  • The Little Book of Book of Mormon Evidences
  • What Girls Need to Know about Guys/What Guys Need to Know about Girls (with his wife, Lani)
  • Please Pass the Scriptures: From Reading to Feasting

John is an expert on scriptural intertextuality—the study of relationships between texts in the canon. In other words, he is very good at identifying earlier scriptural sources quoted or alluded to by later authors. That skill is evident in his first BMC video that shows interesting ways Alma wove the words of Abinadi into his own teachings to his son, Corianton.



We believe many of you will look forward to weekly wisdom from John Hilton III just as you do now to the terrific Come Follow Me Insights from Taylor Halverson and Tyler Griffin. Book of Mormon Central is teaming up with some of the finest teachers in the Church to build enduring faith in Jesus Christ by making the Book of Mormon accessible, comprehensible, and defensible to people everywhere.

John Hilton III maintains a website: and a popular Facebook page:

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