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Image via Book of Mormon Central.
Researching a topic is infinitely more complicated today than it was before the advent of the internet. Back in the day, if we wanted to look into something, we had to go to libraries and bookstores and actively seek out the “best books”. There were librarians and professors to help know where to look and which sources to trust. Today, we can almost accidently fall into a “...
Neal Rappleye on Egyptian Writing in the Book of Mormon
Nephi says he wrote using “the learning of the Jews and the language of the Egyptians” (1 Nephi 1:2). This idea was disputed almost the moment the Book of Mormon came off the press. In 1831, one critic wrote: “The plates were inscribed in the language of the Egyptians …. As Nephi was a descendant from Joseph, probably Smith would have us understand, that the Egyptian language was retained in the...
Bethlehem Christmas by Joseppi via Adobe Stock
The opening lines of “O Little Town of Bethlehem” romantically capture the image of a small, quiet town where something wondrous has just happened. Every year around Christmas, families across the world reenact the story of Joseph and Mary traveling the difficult journey to Bethlehem, only to find no room in the inn (see Luke 2). The wise men, too, are remembered for first going to Jerusalem only...
A 2,700-year-old clay seal impression which potentially belonged to the biblical prophet Isaiah. (Ouria Tadmor/© Eilat Mazar)
A new archaeological excavation at the south of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem has just barely uncovered an 8 th century seal impression that might have belonged to the biblical prophet Isaiah, revered by Nephi and other Book of Mormon prophets.
Book of Mormon with Gold Plates
Supporting evidences of the Book of Mormon are broadly identifiable. The volume has long invited scrutiny from all branches of science. Archaeology itself can be divided and subdivided into numerous disciplines. I couldn’t possibly cover every Book of Mormon correlation in one sitting. In this post I wanted to emphasize physical evidences—stuff you can touch, see, feel. Though there are many more than five, I've tried to present a few as a thoughtful cross-section.
View of Tikal above the jungle
Cutting-edge technology has uncovered huge archaeological finds in the heart of ancient Mesoamerica. These finds confirm scriptures found in the Book of Mormon describing the world of the ancient Nephites and Lamanites.
Stephen Smoot BMC Nahom thumbnail
Watch Book of Mormon Central's new video on one of the best examples of archaeological evidence we have for the Book of Mormon. This video is part of a new and exciting video initiative by Book of Mormon Central. This particular video has brought together what we know about the Book of Mormon place of "Nahom." As it turns out, archaeologists have been able to find and positively identify Nahom in...