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Come Follow Me 2019: Online New Testament Resources

King James Bible by jaflippo via Adobe Stock
King James Bible by jaflippo via Adobe Stock

The following are online, free resources that Latter-day Saints can use to supplement their study of the New Testament this year in the Come Follow Me curriculum. Not all of these resources are produced by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, however they are all faithful and responsible treatments of New Testament material

Written Resources

Book of Mormon Central logo

Book of Mormon Central New Testament KnoWhys

This page lists all the Book of Mormon KnoWhys that relate to the New Testament.

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Interpreter Foundation Come Follow Me Resources

The Interpreter Foundation is publishing several products every week to help with the study of the Come Follow Me curriculum. Resources include lesson study guides, video roundtable discussions, and New Testament KnoWhys.

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BYU Studies New Testament Lessons

BYU Studies has published pages that link to relevant articles for a given New Testament Gospel Doctrine lesson. They are also beginning to publish lessons based on the new Come Follow Me Curriculum. See the newest lesson here.

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BYU Religious Studies Center lesson helps

The Religious Studies Center at Brigham Young University provides a web page of reading materials to enhance your study of each week of the Come Follow Me curriculum.

Scripture Citation Index logo

Scripture Citation Index

This website indexes all scriptures mentioned or referenced by General Authorities in General Conference talks. You may search by New Testament scripture to find which General Authorities have spoken about that scripture, and what they have to say.

Faithlife Study Bible logo

Faithlife Study Bible

The Faithlife Study Bible is a free app for Android and iOS that has excellent resources to supplement your study. You can select different versions of the Bible to read, and use commentaries and dictionaries as companions for study.

Zondervan Pictorial Encyclopedia cover

Online Bible Dictionaries

While the LDS Bible Dictionary is a valuable resource, these online dictionaries at provide greater context and can provide a broader perspective on unfamiliar concepts


Media Resources

logo of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Come Follow Me New Testament Teaching and Learning Resources

The LDS Media library has put together a collection of videos that are tailored to each Come Follow Me lesson.

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LDS Media Library

The LDS Media library contains hundreds of images, videos, audio files, and social resources for learning and teaching about the New Testament.

BYU Virtual New Testament logo

Virtual New Testament

The Virtual New Testament is a free app produced by the Virtual Scriptures department of Brigham Young University. This app brings the city of Jerusalem during the time of Jesus right to your fingertips with an immersive, 3D experience. Through the app, you can explore the ancient temple of Herod and visit key vantage points of the city.

LDS Bible Videos logo

LDS Bible Videos

The LDS Bible Videos project takes familiar Bible stories and portrays them in short video segments to be used in the classroom and at home.

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New Testament Charts

BYU Studies has freely available all the charts from the book Charting the New Testament. These charts illustrate concepts and maps from the ancient Greco-Roman world.

Bible Project logo

Bible Project videos

The Bible Project is a YouTube channel that seeks to make the Bible easy to understand to an average Christian. These videos are well informed and visually stunning. These videos can be an excellent resource throughout your study of the New Testament. To read a Latter-day Saint’s perspective on these videos, see Taylor Halverson, “Free Video Resources for Learning about the Old Testament,” Meridian Magazine (January 17, 2018), accessed December 14, 2018.

The Gospel of John movie cover

The Gospel of John

This is a three-hour film that dramatizes the entire Gospel of John word-for-word. The entire movie is freely available on YouTube and can be used in short clips in classroom or family settings.