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Developing Projects

BMC en Español

Book of Mormon Central has tens of thousands of followers and subscribers on our various social media and internet channels, but we hope to expand our reach to Latter-day Saints in non-English speaking countries with our new website for Spanish materials. A full team of Spanish translators and tech support are currently working to translate Book of Mormon Central KnoWhys and other content into Spanish.

Interactive Text Project

Book of Mormon Central wants to bring the world of the Book of Mormon to your fingertips. In a completely interactive, content-rich mobile app, we want to completely rethink how we study the Book of Mormon. By touching a verse, phrase, or even word in the Book of Mormon text, you can pull up relevant articles, images, videos, maps, and insights to enrich your study. This app is under development, but feel free to explore the above demo.


Book of Mormon Notes is a project that seeks to aggregate information on the Book of Mormon into a central location. Using a Wiki technology, it serves as an encyclopedia of Book of Mormon topics. This projects is under development and will ultimately be integrated into the Interactive Text Project.