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Book of Mormon Scholars Meet to discuss Controversial Passages

This work meeting was under the direction of John (Jack) W. Welch, chairman of Book of Mormon Central.  Scholars invited to participate in this discussion include:

Joe V. Andersen, Arizona attorney;  Stan Carmack, Massachusetts philologist;  Eric Eliason, member of the BYU English faculty;  Grant Hardy, University of North Carolina faculty;  Kirk Magleby, Book of Mormon Central Exec. Director;  Alan Miner, author;  Neal Rappleye, Book of Mormon Central's Operations Manager;  Richard D. Rust, University of North Carolina, English faculty;  Royal Skousen, member of the BYU Linguistics faculty;  Julie M. Smith, biblical scholar;  Robert F. Smith, Hebrew scholar;  and John W. Welch, member of the BYU Law faculty. 



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