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Come Follow Me 2022: Hosea 1-6; 10-14; Joel

Hosea 1–6; 10–14; Joel

November 7–13. “I Will Love Them Freely”


Reading Plan


Hosea 13

Matthew L. Bowen and Loren Blake Spendlove, “’Thou Art the Fruit of My Loins’: The Interrelated Symbolism and Meanings of the Names Joseph and Ephraim in Ancient Scripture,” Interpreter: A Journal of Latter-day Saint Faith and Scholarship 28 (2018): 273–298.

Hosea 13:15

Book of Mormon Central, “Why Did Abinadi Warn the People of an East Wind? (Mosiah 12:6–7),” KnoWhy 560 (May 5, 2020).