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Dan Burr's painting, "The Good Samaritan," depicting the Samaritan administering to the wounded man on the road.
Come Follow Me 2023: Matthew 18; Luke 10

Matthew 18; Luke 10

April 17-23
“What Shall I Do to Inherit Eternal Life?”

Scripture Central Videos

Watch videos from Gospel scholars and teachers to learn more about these New Testament passages. Scripture Central produces weekly videos from Tyler Griffin, Taylor Halverson, Clint Mortenson, John Hilton III, and Lynne Hilton Wilson.

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The New Testament Minute is a commentary series made especially for the free ScripturePlus app, which features insights from New Testament scholars. many of the insights in the New Testament Minute are gleaned from the BYU New Testament Commentary series. Lynne Hilton Wilson has written a commentary to supplement her New Testament video series.

cover of New Testament Minute: Matthew
John W. Welch
John W. Welch, General Editor
cover of New Testament Minute: Luke
S. Kent Brown
John W. Welch, General Editor

Reading Plan

Structure your personal scripture study by following a 15-minute, day-by-day plan. Each day's assignment includes the required scripture passages from the Come, Follow Me curriculum, as well as suggestions for additional resources to bring context and understanding to your study. For the best experience, use our Reading Plan in the free ScripturePlus app! You can track your progress and have access to the best resources.








Joseph Smith Translation Variants

Explore Joseph Smith's inspired translation of the bible by comparing his changes to the King James Version of the New Testament. To learn more, see Joseph Smith's Translation of the Bible: The Joseph Smith Translation and the King James Translation in Parallel Columns.

Matthew 18 JST Variants

Luke 10 JST Variants

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Matthew 18


Luke 10