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Screenshot of the latest video from Evidence Central on the Book of Mormon's Mulek.
The Book of Mormon states that King Zedekiah had a son named Mulek who, unlike his brothers, avoided execution when Babylon conquered Jerusalem in 587 BC. On its face, this claim may seem rather doubtful, and perhaps even unbelievable. After all, the King James Bible doesn’t say anything about Mulek, and some people question whether many biblical figures ever really existed. But not all is as it...
Book of Mormon with Gold Plates
Supporting evidences of the Book of Mormon are broadly identifiable. The volume has long invited scrutiny from all branches of science. Archaeology itself can be divided and subdivided into numerous disciplines. I couldn’t possibly cover every Book of Mormon correlation in one sitting. In this post I wanted to emphasize physical evidences—stuff you can touch, see, feel. Though there are many more than five, I've tried to present a few as a thoughtful cross-section.