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Book of Mormon Central Art Contest 2020
Book of Mormon Central Art Contest 2020

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About the Contest

Submission deadline: Sunday, May 31, at 11:59 p.m.

While hundreds of artists throughout the years have masterfully depicted scenes from the Book of Mormon, there are still dozens of Book of Mormon tales that need their stories told through visual art. Help Book of Mormon Central illuminate the Book of Mormon by submitting your art of the Book of Mormon’s unsung heros and stories. Your art may be selected to illustrate the Book of Mormon in the popular ScripturePlus app.


First Place: $500
Second Place: $350
Third Place: $200


Submission Deadline: Sunday, May 31, 2020 at 11:59 p.m.

Winner Announcement: We will announce this year's winners at the 2020 FairMormon Conference, August 5–7.

Contest Theme

In our quest to cultivate artwork of the Book of Mormon's rich narratives, we request that artists focus their artwork on themes and stories in the second half of the Book of Mormon (Alma 31-Moroni 10). This commission includes stories from Alma's ministry, the "war chapters," Christ's ministry in the Americas, the Jaredite narratives, the final destruction of the Nephite civilization, and more. While not required, we would appreciate artists of all ages and skill levels to try their hand at depicting some aspect of these chapters. We hope that you can help us fill the entire Book of Mormon with beautiful images that illuminate the mind and spirit.

Eligibility and General Rules

  • This contest is open to anyone 12 years and up (Youth prizes are available).
  • Media may include painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, mixed media, and more. This contest excludes poetry, artistic performance, and music.
  • Multiple entries per artist are allowed, but each piece of art must me made in separate form submissions.
  • Participants must submit a high-quality scan or photograph of their artwork for digital submission. 3-dimensional works of art should be submitted with multiple photographs from different angles.


Winners are selected on the basis of artistic merit and innovation by a selection of third-party judges from local museums and the art community.

Last Year's Winners

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