Executive Board

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Executive Director
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Executive Committee
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Executive Secretary
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Office Manager

Research and Writing Team

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Research Project Manager and Operations Manager
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Research Fellow/Writer
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Writer, Researcher
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Writer, Researcher
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Research Associate
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Research Associate

Editing Team

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Editor, Script Writer, Designer
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Associate Editor, Layout Artist
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Image Editor

Web & Content Managers

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Web Architect, Content Manager, Graphic Artist
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Web Developer, Tech Support, Spanish Web Architect
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Spanish Content Manager

Social Media Team

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Social Media Publisher, Audio Engineer, Video Engineer
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Spanish Media Publisher, Video Editor, Spanish Narrator

Video Production Team

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Video Producer
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Creative Consultant
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Video Associate


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Archivist, Email Publisher
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Archive Associate


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Spanish Narrator


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Sketch Artist

App Development Team

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Interactive Scripture App Director
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Software Developer, Mobile App Developer


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Globalization Chair
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Spanish Translator
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Associate Translator
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Latin American Liaison


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Legal Consultant
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News Editor
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Notes Editor
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Music Editor
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