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Taylor Halverson and Tyler Griffin in the popular YouTube show Come Follow Me Insights.

Come Follow Me Insights with Taylor Halverson and Tyler Griffin


The most watched Come Follow Me presenters on YouTube

Discover why more than 200,000 people each week bring Taylor and Tyler into their homes for engaging gospel study.



Come Follow Me Insights is a weekly scripture study class hosted on YouTube by two very gifted teachers. Over 200,000 Latter-day Saints have chosen to make this an important part of their weekly devotions. Episodes average just over an hour in length. This program is a tremendous resource that supplements personal reading and scripture study. Since the COVID-19 pandemic emphasized home-centered learning, Taylor and Tyler provide the welcome feeling of sitting in a classroom with two knowledgeable and inspiring instructors.

Taylor and Tyler’s Come Follow Me Insights are so popular a number of private translations make them available in additional languages such as Japanese. Due to demand, this program became BMC’s first product subtitled in Portuguese on our Portuguese YouTube channel. Come discover why Taylor and Tyler have been viewed more than 20 million times since their 2020 debut.

“Thank you, Taylor and Tyler. We enjoy and appreciate your lesson each week and have learned so much.” George and Liz Smith, Florida.


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