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Chiasmus Conference Videos

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Chiasmus Jubilee

The Greatness of the Evidence

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland



Chiasmus Jubilee Program



Session 1: Chiasmus Methodology: Criteria, Character, and Terminology

Chiasmus Criteria in Review

Neal Rappleye



Statistics, Probability, and Evaluation of Chiasmus

Boyd F. Edwards



Characteristics of Chiasms: Identifying, Evaluating, and Appreciating Chiastic Texts with Care, Concern, and Humility

Stephen Kent Ehat



Chiasmus and Hebrew Rhetoric

Noel B. Reynolds




When is a Chiasm a Chiasm?

Panel Discussion



Session 2: Chiasmus and Textual Criticism

The Pleasures and Perils of Chiasmus: Some Case Studies from Exodus and Deuteronomy

Bernard Levinson



“With Outstretched Hand and with Strong Arm” (Deut 4:34); “With Strong Arm and with Outstretched Hand” (Jer 21:5): Chiasmus in Deuteronomy and Jeremiah

David Rolph Seely



Chiasmus in the Text of Isaiah: MT Isaiah Versus the Great Isaiah Scroll (1QIsaa)

Donald W. Parry



Poetic Structures and Textual Criticism of the Book of Mormon

Royal Skousen



Session 3: Chiasmus and Ancient Cultures

Chiasmus in the Book of Genesis

Gary A. Rendsburg



Chiasmus in Gilgamesh and the Genesis Flood Story

Steven R. Scott



Narrating Homicides Chiastically

John W. Welch



Chiastic Messaging in Mesoamerican Texts

Kerry Hull



Session 4: Chiasmus in the New Testament

Chiasmus in the Christocentric Literary-Dramatic Structure of John's Gospel

George Mlakuzhyil S.J.



Methodology and the Macro-Structure of John

Steven R. Scott


The Chiastic Structure of the Farewell Discourse in the Fourth Gospel

Wayne Brouwer



Jesus and the Roman Centurion (Matt 8:5–13): A Window to Chiasmus and Apostolic Pedagogy

H. Douglas Buckwalter